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Pat Buchanan:  Press >  Mojo, December 2002

Pat Buchanan (Indiscreet)

Solo debut from top session guitarist/former Idle Jets songwriter

This is a strange one to have originated from Nashville.   Buchanan writes songs that sound like he was brought up on an English market town housing estate, but his history as a session guitarist for artists as diverse as Hall & Oates, The Dixie Chicks and Cameo testifies to American origins.

His former band, Idle Jets, was a nu-country-rockin' combo that garnered some acclaim, and his friendship with songwriter Jeff Finlin has blossomed into this impressive solo debut.   Displaying tunesmithery on a par with such accomplished contenders as Matthew Sweet or David Mead, he rattles through 10 cleverly arranged, lyrically sharp and melodically appealing songs, without ever delivering the kind of direct emotional impact that an introspective singer-songwriter needs to stand out from the crowd.   He sounds like he might aspire to being John Sebastian, but he's still only Graham Nash.

Johnny Black
December 2002