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Pat Buchanan:  Press >  Americana UK, November 2002

 Pat Buchanan (Indiscreet Recordings 2002)

Debut album from singer songwriter Pat Buchanan who, as leader of the Idle Jets, brought us 1999's "Atomic Fireball", one of the best power pop releases of the year.   Co-produced by power pop genius Brad Jones (the Shazam, Cotton Mather, Imperial Drag, his own classic 'Giltflake' album and many others), quality was more or less assured.    It's a '60s inspired gem and 'perfect pop' doesn't even do it justice. 

In between the Friends-era Brian Wilson sound and McCartney vocals of "You Lose" and "Don't Forget To Write" are endlessly inventive songs full of great ideas and laced with harmonies to die for.   Instantly catchy and memorable tunes abound and the only grumble is that, at only 34 minutes long, it's all over far too soon. 

"The World Is Flat" (recently featured on Virgin's Captain America show) and "Luckiest Girl In The World" are standouts at the moment but ask me tomorrow and it will be two different songs.    It's that kind of record.    It's unclear whether this signals the end of the Idle Jets and if so, that would be a shame.    However, the disappointment at the demise of a great band is more than eased by this wonderful album and the promise of much more to come from Pat Buchanan. 

November 2002